Weather protection system ClimaCLEAR

Transparent weather protection!

ClimaCLEAR by TEUFELBESCHLAG is the only all-glass stacking sliding system especially designed for withstanding all kinds of weather conditions.

In moderate climates ClimaCLEAR can help create a modern indoor / outdoor lifestyle wherever needed and favourabel; may it be the living, dining or cooking area.

The thermally non-broken tempered glass system has been independently tested and is the first choice for separating indoor and outdoor living areas in a flexible way no matter if in the private or public sector. Without vertical posts, ClimaCLEAR stands for maximum transparency, natural daylight and clear modern structures matching many different styles. No matter if opened or closed: this unobtrusive system doesn't disturb the observer's view in the least.

Even when the panels are closed the aesthetic of an all-glass system can be enjoyed while at the same time benefitting from excellent weather and sound protection.

In the commercial sector or at sport facilities CLimaCLEAR provides an undisturbed view on events.