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Competent support – now also in Switzerland

The direct connection to its customers and competent advice has a great tradition in TEUFELBESCHLAG’s history.

With its numerous sales and distribution partners all over Europe TEUFELBESCHLAG GmbH has made itself quite a name on an international level with its high-quality fittings for all-glass systems.

In order to take better care of its Swiss customer, TEUFELBESCHLAG in April 2012 teamed up with the Swiss company GLAMETEC GmbH, a competent and reliable expert of the business and the market.

GLAMETEC, with its company site located in Rudolfstetten in the Swiss canton of Aargau, stands for glass, metal structure fittings and technology.

Since its foundation in July 2007 highly motivated professionals with many years of experience in this sector put their business motto “Quality and expertise – your advantage!” into practice every day.

Joint efforts for future success

TEUFELBESCHLAG’s products perfectly fit into GLAMETEC’s strategy of offering high quality and acknowledged fittings which fulfill the superior expectations of its customers in the glass and metal engineering sectors and in the area of ventilation technology.

Both partners face the future with optimistic expectations and hope for promising synergy effects resulting from the cooperation and – what is even more important- flexible, fast and competent support for Swiss customers.

A fresh breeze in our book-keeping department

A new colleague in Teufelbeschlag’s Business Administration

We would like to introduce Miss Veronika Woerl as a new member of the Teufelbeschlag team.

One of Miss Woerl’s tasks will be to ensure that all our goods are dispatched on time and in a fast and reliable way. Moreover, Miss Woerl will take care of the customer database and the personnel accounting

We wish our new colleague a smooth start and are looking forward to a good working relationship.

TEUFELBESCHLAG website relaunch

More comfort

By redesigning its website, TEUFELBESCHLAG now provides more comfort to its customers when navigating through the world of fittings. Clear structures, concentrated information and a self-explanatory user guidance are the main features of the new internet presence.

More service

In the improved download center customers have access to all documents related to TEUFELBESCHLAG systems. From the simple flyer, to mounting and operating instructions, detailed technical information with technical drawings, to .dwg data and tender texts: Any information desired can be found quickly and without detours!

Closer to the customers

No matter, if you are interested in technical details, if you are looking for your local sales contact or if you have questions or ideas for the TEUFELBESCHLAG team: On the new homepage with its user-friendly interface all information can be reached with a minimum of clicks.
We are eagerly awaiting your feedback regarding our new website! (

We congratulate the team of Idee & Anhang to the successful implementation of our new homepage and thank them for the creative and fruitful cooperation with regard to our relaunch!

  • Freisprechung Konstantin Lommatzsch
  • Freisprechung Konstantin Lommatzsch

Craftsmanship – certificate ceremony in Weilheim: TEUFELBESCHLAG-trainee is best within the district’s metal guild

During a grand ceremony in the Weilheim city hall, 216 young journeymen and women have been handed over their certificates on Friday, 9th March 2012 by district master craftsman Stefan Zirngibl.

During his speech Zirngibl emphasized that craftsmanship is not a dead-end street and that the young journeymen and women now have a multitude of possibilities for their future. Besides the specific and expert knowledge and the professional skills, building characters is the most important goal to be achieved: “You are supposed to be something and not only to make something up!” Then, professional success will surely come up.

One of the successful graduates is our co-worker, Konstantin Lommatzsch, who finished his 3 ½ year apprenticeship now as the best trainee within the district’s metal guild.

We congratulate Mr Lommatzsch for this extra-ordinary achievement and are very happy that, also in the future, he will be part of our team.