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!!! News update !!!

It's with enormous delight that we received the news of our weather protection system ClimaCLEAR having been chosen as nominee for the German Design Award 2019.

The German Design Award is an international pacesetter when it comes to current design practice, as well as staying competitive in a globalized economy.

Smoothly combining great design, innovation and functionality, ClimaCLEAR truly is a worthy nominee.

More details about ClimaCLEAR are to be found here.

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In moderate climates you can enjoy a modern outdoor / indoor lifestyle and create smooth transitions between living or dining and outdoor areas.

It may not be the house at the beachfront, but also in cooler climates the use of glazed porches can be prolonged during the cooler season.


Technical features:

especially developped:

- transparent vertical weather seals
- sealing panel connectors for enhanced weather protection
- horizontal brush seals on both sides
- water drainage system
- single action door for comfortable passage


and well established:

- single hand action
- various glass variations
- different panel sizes
- single track sliding system
- numerous parking possibilities


The brand new ClimaCLEAR brochure can be found directly here.

ClimaCLEAR has been nominated for the German Design Award 2019.

The copyright of all pictures lies with our partner NanaWALL Inc.

  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Bermuda
  • Pyeongchang

Our systems tour the globe...

Olympic Summer Games 2016, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Swiss House was one of THE attractions during 2016 Olympic Summer Games conveying the way of life in the Swiss Alpes region.
TEUFELBESCHLAG's stacking - sliding units (HSW-systems) are premounted and directly shipped to the event location in containers.
Masses of visitors and extraordinary climatic conditions - no problem at all for the stacking - sliding unit Series 750 with 20 panels in the special DB703 finish!
After the final ceremony everything is demounted, re-packed and sent on to the next event.


America's Cup 2017, Bermuda

At its second stop,'s pavilion paid a visit to legendary America's Cup on the beautiful island of Bermuda. Visitors of the world's oldest and most prestigious sailing competition were able to enjoy the scenic views and amazing settings even from within the pavilions thanks to our glass walls.
For this event we additionally supplied four miniMOline sliding units, three of which with softStop on both sides and already mounted on glass, as well as the fittings for seven further miniMO units.
Two single-panel electric Variant MD units and 120 metres of profiles for the upper and lower tracks for the wooden partitions were also packed in the container.


Olympic Winter Games 2018, Pyeongchang, South Korea

The constructions at the third stop of our journey are already well advanced. Just in time for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in the South Korean city of Pyeongchang, the Nations' Village will be ready to welcome the best athletes from around the globe.
For the event in Pyeongchang another 325 metres of U-profiles and angle profiles for wooden partitions have been sent to South Korea.

And the journey will continue ...

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  • Bank_2
  • BAnk_3
  • Bank_4

Money, money, money...

For individual consultations it is advicable to provide for separate rooms without unnecessary constrictions by drywalls.

TEUFELBESCHLAG's universal fittings easily meet this challenge!


If the constructional settings don't allow for swing doors or if it is more suitable for the purpose, sliding door systems like miniMOline may be an alternative.

Our sales team and technical department will surely find the appropriate fittings for your project.


Thanks to TEUFELBESCHLAG's Multislide system glass panels of up to 500 kg can be moved without effort. Even glass walls with a so-called coupler-kit can be carried out with panel weights of up to 300 kg.


TEUFELBESCHLAG's accordion doors series 200 with door rails can quickly and effortlessly be opened and closed. These fittings are ideal for separating the 24h-customer area with ATM and statement printers from the bank's offices and service area. (Pictures: copyright by NanaWall Inc.)

This is the art of creating a light and lofty environment: flush installation of the upper track, parkbays placed elegantly at the side and no tripping hazards.

Depending on the size of the project TEUFELBESCHLAG's stacking-sliding units series 750 or 800 with panel weights of up to 180 kg and panel heights of up to 400 cm are the system of choice.