Competent support – now also in Switzerland

In April 2012 TEUFELBESCHLAG teamed up with GLAMETEC GmbH in Switzerland.

The direct connection to its customers and competent advice has a great tradition in TEUFELBESCHLAG’s history.

With its numerous sales and distribution partners all over Europe TEUFELBESCHLAG GmbH has made itself quite a name on an international level with its high-quality fittings for all-glass systems.

In order to take better care of its Swiss customer, TEUFELBESCHLAG in April 2012 teamed up with the Swiss company GLAMETEC GmbH, a competent and reliable expert of the business and the market.

GLAMETEC, with its company site located in Rudolfstetten in the Swiss canton of Aargau, stands for glass, metal structure fittings and technology.

Since its foundation in July 2007 highly motivated professionals with many years of experience in this sector put their business motto “Quality and expertise – your advantage!” into practice every day.

Joint efforts for future success

TEUFELBESCHLAG’s products perfectly fit into GLAMETEC’s strategy of offering high quality and acknowledged fittings which fulfill the superior expectations of its customers in the glass and metal engineering sectors and in the area of ventilation technology.

Both partners face the future with optimistic expectations and hope for promising synergy effects resulting from the cooperation and – what is even more important- flexible, fast and competent support for Swiss customers.