Perfectly combining indoors and outdoors!

This is what we aim for with our brand new weather protection system ClimaCLEAR.

  • German Design Award
  • ClimaCLEAR
  • ClimaCLEAR
  • ClimaCLEAR
  • ClimaCLEAR

In moderate climates you can enjoy a modern outdoor / indoor lifestyle and create smooth transitions between living or dining and outdoor areas.

It may not be the house at the beachfront, but also in cooler climates the use of glazed porches can be prolonged during the cooler season.


Technical features:

especially developped:

- transparent vertical weather seals
- sealing panel connectors for enhanced weather protection
- horizontal brush seals on both sides
- water drainage system
- single action door for comfortable passage


and well established:

- single hand action
- various glass variations
- different panel sizes
- single track sliding system
- numerous parking possibilities


The brand new ClimaCLEAR brochure can be found directly here.

ClimaCLEAR has been nominated for the German Design Award 2019.

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