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Our systems tour the globe...

Olympic Summer Games 2016, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Swiss House was one of THE attractions during 2016 Olympic Summer Games conveying the way of life in the Swiss Alpes region.
TEUFELBESCHLAG's stacking - sliding units (HSW-systems) are premounted and directly shipped to the event location in containers.
Masses of visitors and extraordinary climatic conditions - no problem at all for the stacking - sliding unit Series 750 with 20 panels in the special DB703 finish!
After the final ceremony everything is demounted, re-packed and sent on to the next event.


America's Cup 2017, Bermuda

At its second stop,'s pavilion paid a visit to legendary America's Cup on the beautiful island of Bermuda. Visitors of the world's oldest and most prestigious sailing competition were able to enjoy the scenic views and amazing settings even from within the pavilions thanks to our glass walls.
For this event we additionally supplied four miniMOline sliding units, three of which with softStop on both sides and already mounted on glass, as well as the fittings for seven further miniMO units.
Two single-panel electric Variant MD units and 120 metres of profiles for the upper and lower tracks for the wooden partitions were also packed in the container.


Olympic Winter Games 2018, Pyeongchang, South Korea

The constructions at the third stop of our journey are already well advanced. Just in time for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in the South Korean city of Pyeongchang, the Nations' Village will be ready to welcome the best athletes from around the globe.
For the event in Pyeongchang another 325 metres of U-profiles and angle profiles for wooden partitions have been sent to South Korea.

And the journey will continue ...

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Money, money, money...

For individual consultations it is advicable to provide for separate rooms without unnecessary constrictions by drywalls.

TEUFELBESCHLAG's universal fittings easily meet this challenge!


If the constructional settings don't allow for swing doors or if it is more suitable for the purpose, sliding door systems like miniMOline may be an alternative.

Our sales team and technical department will surely find the appropriate fittings for your project.


Thanks to TEUFELBESCHLAG's Multislide system glass panels of up to 500 kg can be moved without effort. Even glass walls with a so-called coupler-kit can be carried out with panel weights of up to 300 kg.


TEUFELBESCHLAG's accordion doors series 200 with door rails can quickly and effortlessly be opened and closed. These fittings are ideal for separating the 24h-customer area with ATM and statement printers from the bank's offices and service area. (Pictures: copyright by NanaWall Inc.)

This is the art of creating a light and lofty environment: flush installation of the upper track, parkbays placed elegantly at the side and no tripping hazards.

Depending on the size of the project TEUFELBESCHLAG's stacking-sliding units series 750 or 800 with panel weights of up to 180 kg and panel heights of up to 400 cm are the system of choice.
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40 years of excellence

Excellent craftsmanship, creativity, love of detail – that's what we are standing for. For the last 40 years and in the future! What on September, 15th, 1975 started off as a small metal construction firm in Muenchen-Oberfoehring, has meanwhile turned into a reknown middle-sized company setting standards in the business.


With some customers we have been working for decades already, says Christian Steigerwald. Alexandra Steigerwald, née Teufel, who is leading her father's company together with her husband since 2008, emphasizes that a qualified and commited team, as well as structured processes and reliable suppliers are the basis for the high quality fittings.

Nowadays, fittings for glass doors are omnipresent in the building sector. Therefore, the range of projects is widely spread: terraces or shower glazings for private residences, systems for museums, practices or offices, or even the outfitting of vast shopping complexes with so-called stacking-sliding units. These projects are not limited to the German market, but are located all around the globe. Glass systems made by TEUFELBESCHLAG can be found across the channel, in England, as well as across the oceans in the US or Indonesia.


A special “treat” according to Christian Steigerwald has been equipping one of the so-called super yachts with sea-climate resistant fittings. Large projects such as the renovation of the Stachus Mall in Munich are part of the daily routine for the staff of 30 people. At the moment glass systems for one of the largest and most modern football stadiums in the US are being manufactured in Tuerkenfeld.


In the future we will focus even more on the markets outside of Germany and Europe, states Alexandra Steigerwald. Numerous sales partnerships for example with companies in Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain and Switzerland provide a win-win situation for both partners – technical know how on the one hand and proximity to the customers on the other hand. A promising cooperation with an American partner as well as first contacts with the prospering markets in the Arab world will be steadily increased.


We are awaiting positive developments for this year and for the time to come, is the joint conclusion of the managing directors. The jubilee has been celebrated with staff, customers and neighbours on October 10th. Tuerkenfeld's vice mayor Emanuel Staffler congratulated the jubilees and emphasized the importance of companies such as TEUFELBESCHLAG for the local economy.

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TEUFELBESCHLAG and NanaWall - a strong partnership bound for the future!

It's now almost three years that an inquiry by the Californian company NanaWall reached our team in Tuerkenfeld. Today, three years later, a close and thriving business relationship has been established from this first contact. Together, numerous projects have already been tackled and more are still to come. In this newsletter we want to present two objects that have been equipped with our fittings - first, a Union Bank branch with a classic folding door Series 200 and second a restaurant on the premises of the California Academy of Science with stacking-sliding doors Series 750. 



Accordion door Series 200 - Union Bank branch 


Accordion door Series 200 with door rails separate single areas in an elegant way and re-connect them again whenever necessary. This 5-panel installation with 12mm safety glass can be moved effortlessly and be parked at one side without attracting attention. Accordion doors may be found not only in the financial sector, but also in cafés and seminar rooms. 



Stacking-sliding unit Series 750 - California Academy of Science 


Besides its numerous attractions, like planetarium, artificial rainforest and huge aquarium, the California Academy of Science in San Francisco now even features fittings made by TEUFELBESCHLAG.
If visitors long for a short break during their stay in this centre of science, they are welcome to take a small snack at "The Terrace" - the exquisit restaurant located in the Academy's West Garden.
Thanks to the stacking-sliding fittings Series 750 two sides of the room can be opened completely and allow for a light and open ambience. Explore, Explain, and Sustain life on Earth - this is the mission statement of this renowned institution. Therefore, special bird protection glass was used for this installation and by opening up the glass panels one can sit amidst the beautiful setting of the park. 


These are only two examples of our partnership with the fitting specialist NanaWall, who takes pride in its pinnacle position as a luxury brand for already 25 years.