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German Design Award

German Design Award

During Frankfurt's consumer fair "Ambiente" Teufelbeschlag's mangaging director Christian Steigerwald, as well as Dirk Leding of NanaWall Inc. received the German Design Award Special in the category Building and Elements.

The prize was awarded to our weather protection stacking-sliding system ClimaCLEAR, which convinced the jury with its perfect combination of design and functionality.

Here the statement of the jury: "This modern all-glass stacking-sliding solution is exceptionally smooth running and wheelchair accessible. Thanks to its frameless structure, it provides maximum transparency."

All details for ClimaCLEAR can be found in our current product brochure.

  • BAU 2019
  • PrivaSEE with switchable glass
  • ClimaCLEAR
  • RTW 400
  • flissade

BAU 2019 - impressions

BAU 2019 was another record-breaking event. On an exhibition space totaling 200,000 square meters for the first time, 2,250 exhibitors (2017: 2,120) from 45 countries showcased their products and solutions for the building sector. Visitor numbers reached 250,000, with the figures for visitors from outside Germany climbing to a new high of 85,000 (2017: 80,500), from over 150 countries. All of which underlines the status of BAU as the ‘World´s Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems’. With almost 70,000 participants, one in four visitors came from the areas of architecture, engineering and planning.

With our stacking-sliding systems PrivaSEE and ClimaCLEAR, new ground-breaking possibilities have been presented to our customers; moreover the call for more automation has been answered by automatic stacking-sliding system RTW 400. A brand new system was presented on our stand by Munich start-up flissade® - new and innovative ideas for creating living space in the future.

by TEUFELBESCHLAG is THE all-glass sliding system especially designed for separating different rooms with regard to noise and sounds.
Besides best acoustic protection, this flexible sliding system offers various possibilities of parking the sliding panels. An excellent sound transmission rate of 36 STC has been confirmed through independent testing.
At the fair we used switchable glass as an extra feature leading to wow effects not only among our visitors!

Weather protection system ClimaCLEAR has been awarded with the German Design Award Special 2019 in the  categorie Building and Elements.
ClimaCLEAR offers a maximum of transparency as well as natural daylight and a modern design. Noi matter if opened or closed: this system doesn't obstruct the view in the least.


smartDivision RTW400 is the most reliable automatic stacking-sliding system ever invented.
At BAU 2019 our visitors were given detailed insight into the mechanism and functionality of this extraordinairy system.


flissade® is a revolutionary living concept which, amazingly simply, creates a completely new feeling of space and significantly contributes to an improvement in the quality of life and living.
The young Munich start-up presented its vision of future living conditions on our stand and inspired visitors with its ideas.

!!! News update !!!

It's with enormous delight that we received the news of our weather protection system ClimaCLEAR having been chosen as nominee for the German Design Award 2019.

The German Design Award is an international pacesetter when it comes to current design practice, as well as staying competitive in a globalized economy.

Smoothly combining great design, innovation and functionality, ClimaCLEAR truly is a worthy nominee.

More details about ClimaCLEAR are to be found here.

  • German Design Award
  • ClimaCLEAR
  • ClimaCLEAR
  • ClimaCLEAR
  • ClimaCLEAR


In moderate climates you can enjoy a modern outdoor / indoor lifestyle and create smooth transitions between living or dining and outdoor areas.

It may not be the house at the beachfront, but also in cooler climates the use of glazed porches can be prolonged during the cooler season.


Technical features:

especially developped:

- transparent vertical weather seals
- sealing panel connectors for enhanced weather protection
- horizontal brush seals on both sides
- water drainage system
- single action door for comfortable passage


and well established:

- single hand action
- various glass variations
- different panel sizes
- single track sliding system
- numerous parking possibilities


The brand new ClimaCLEAR brochure can be found directly here.

ClimaCLEAR has been nominated for the German Design Award 2019.

The copyright of all pictures lies with our partner NanaWALL Inc.