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  • Patch fittings JUMBO

    Patch fittings JUMBO

    The requirements regarding the bearing capacity of patch fittings has steadily risen since their invention along with the weight of the glass panels. TEUFELBESCHLAG has closely observed this development and with JUMBO is now providing a bigger version of the standard patch fitting.

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  • Handle bars

    Handle bars

    Our wide assortment of handle bars completes the TEUFELBESCHLAG range – no matter if standard handle bar or manufactured individually according to your wishes. As a special option we offer our TUBO handle bar with integrated locking mechanism, thus making an additional lock dispensable.

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  • Door Rails

    Door Rails

    Door rails by TEUFELBESCHLAG are more than a visual accessory or glass edge protection. Electric door openers, buzzers with cable conduit, floor springs or seal brushes can be put unobtrusively inside the door rails. Furthermore, a special profile system allows for the production of covers up to 198mm of height.

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  • Smoke doors

    Smoke doors

    Smoke protection is particularly important in buildings which are open to the public. Therefore, in modern architecture smoke protection already starts within the building. Smoke and gases can have disastrous effect since hot gases can also cause remote areas to inflame within minutes. Smoke doors prevent the distribution of fire and flue gases.

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  • Sliding door system VARIANT

    Sliding door system VARIANT

    According to modular design principles all single components can be combined to a distinct whole in different ways. This offers great advantages to planners and users, being able to create individual solutions by choosing from standardized modules.

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  • Round bar series

    Round bar series

    Possible applications are diverse and range from glass structures to bank furnishings, set-top cash boxes, porter’s offices and shop building to displays, showcases and elegant room divisions. Our point fixing systems can be adapted to the specific needs of architects and planners.

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  • Accordion doors series 200

    Accordion doors series 200

    No matter if you have a lot of space or only little room, accordion doors by TEUFELBESCHLAG adjust to your needs.

    With accordion doors, the rollers are arranged in the middle of the panel. For this reason, the panels buckle half way out on both sides of the middle axes when opening the construction.

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  • Frameless glass folding doors series 500

    Frameless glass folding doors series 500

    Due to its small and light construction TEUFELBESCHLAG’s light folding partition series 500 is most suitable for offices and studios – but also for folding constructions in high-class private residences. With strong performance at low weight it features noble plate glass optics.

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  • Series 750

    Series 750

    Wherever an economical use of space and client-orientation are aspired for, glass elements can be easily moved by hand with just a few maneuvers.

    Open doors deliberately do away with the separation between outside and inside and inhibitions in the service sector are more easily overcome.

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    Wherever transparency of single rooms is demanded, wherever unobtrusive elegant corner patches instead of continuous door rails are asked for, wherever looks are not to be restricted, stacking-sliding units JUNIOR by TEUFELBESCHLAG provide for the ideal conditions.

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  • Universal light metal profiles, wall connecting profiles

    Universal light metal profiles, wall connecting profiles

    Universal profiles by TEUFELBESCHLAG are the reliable connection between wall and fixed glazing of all kind. They are available in different variations as U-profiles or as clamping and wall connecting profiles made of aluminium. Suiting accessories form also part of the product range.

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Teufelbeschlag - 40 years

Our products

  • Patch fittings
    Glass and fittings – limitless design and countless possibilities.
  • Handle bars
    Elegant and comfortable door rail systems by TEUFELBESCHLAG for individual doors and door systems!
  • Door rails
    Guaranteed longevity and simple function. In different sizes, prepared for additional electrics and with optional brush sealing.
  • Smoke doors in plate glass constructions
    The certified TEUBA smoke protection doors offer no chance to flue and noise! Thus, we combine optimal smoke protection and an excellent soundproofing value with ambitious design.
  • Sliding systems for plate glass elements
    No matter if private or public offices – TEUFELBESCHLAG sliding door systems are silent, modern and attractive.
  • Rosette series
    TEUFELBESCHLAG’s point fixing systems set great value on combining security with the biggest possible amount of transparency – Harmony in form and function!
  • Folding / accordion doors with door rails
    TEUFELBESCHLAG offers elegant and efficient solutions for modern home design – living ideas!
  • Frameless glass folding doors
    Classy all-glass-looks combining powerful performance with low weight – Go for the original!
  • Stacking-sliding walls with door rails
    Maximum requirements to technique and looks are met in a most convincing way.
  • Stacking-sliding walls with corner fittings
    Unobtrusive and sleek corner fittings by TEUFELBESCHLAG for continuous transparency.
  • Universal profiles, wall connecting profiles
    The reliable connection between wall and fixed glazing of all kind – a perpetually tight connection!


40 years of excellence

What on September, 15th, 1975 started off as a small metal construction firm in Muenchen-Oberfoehring, has meanwhile turned into a reknown middle-sized company setting standards in the business.

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Headquarters of the Teufelbeschlag GmbH in Türkenfeld in Munich

TEUFELBESCHLAG with its focus set on technical perfection is one of the leading manufacturers of solid glass fitting in Germany. We are setting trends for these kind of fittings ... 

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